It is all change in 2022

As we get to the end of the financial year it was time to look at the business over the last year, the many challenges with Covid and now the huge hike in energy prices. It was clealry time to assess the business going forward increase prices or find a better option.

So on the 1st of the month I gave notice on the studio in town, which I love, but being realistic I know photography is a luxury and I don't want to take a job on just because I need to pay overheads nor do I want to put my prices up. if anything I would like to make it more affordable. It was always our intention to have a home studio when we moved to our current home but with Covid we just didn't get around to it - but now its happening (I am beyond excited!)

I love weddings, maternity, babies and children (pets are family so before you ask they are included) so they are all staying but I will not be doing anymore commercial photography or large events going forward.

I will still be on the high street until the end of June and after that I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Little Portrait Shops new home ..... I wonder who will be first !



ps check back to see how we are progressing x